Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

So my friend Jen Lyness tagged me... I have to list 5 unimportant things about myself. This is a pretty hard job, especially when everything about me is important! Duh! ;-)
Just kidding. I love Jen! She is so much fun to be around! Posh Sista!

Okay, here goes...

1. When I am riding down the road in the car, I find some kind of pattern in the road, telephone poles, the "passing" white stripes painted in the middle of the road, or whatever, and I tap my toes between each one (actually maybe every 3rd one or so. Okay, so it's like this... you know the stripes painted on the road, when we drive over/past the stripes, every 3rd one, I tap my left foot toes, and then the next 3rd one, I tap my right foot toes, etc. etc. If there aren't stripes in the road, it's the telephone poles, or the fence posts. (oh geez... Jen, I'm going to get you for this!) No, Nothing PSYCHO here, just a silly quirk!

2. I secretly like pink flamingos. I never tell anyone this because I don't want people to give me a bunch of pink flamingo stuff, and I definitely don't want plastic pink flamingo yard ornaments poking up out of my flower beds!

3. My favorite slice of pizza is the one with the biggest "crust bubble." And when everyone in my family gets to the crust of their piece of pizza, they give me the crust. Usually I end up eating one or two pieces of pizza, and everyone else's crusts.

4. Just before I got pregnant with Selah, I had started my own "personal chef" business. I would go to a (wealthy) person's home and cook their meals for them. I would plan the meals, grocery shop, prepare them in their home, and leave! It was just starting to take off when I got pregnant, and I knew I wasn't going to work once I had kids, so I didn't continue it. Here's the thing... I very rarely cook anymore. We eat out probably at least 50% of the time. And when I cook, it's the same 5 things every week. Every once in a while Alan will comment about how I "used to cook" all the time, testing new recipes, etc. I was not a "chef" or even close to it, just a pretty good cook. I'm waiting for that love of cooking to come back again.

5. I'm a surface cleaner. My house is usually very clean and pretty and all "set up" neat, but behind closed doors and drawers?!?!?!!? YIKES! If the area is organized, I keep it pretty organized. But if not, it's a mess. And it's totally inconsistent... a few of our drawers are nice and neat. The t-shirts are in stacks. The sock and underwear are lined up. But the swimsuit/cover up/work out clothes/ tank tops/ etc. drawer is a mess! In the kitchen the stacks of dishes and cups and glasses are nice and neat, but the cabinet with the pans?? or the tupperware spot?? I love the idea of being organized, but in the last few years, have conceded that I am not one of those people.

Okay. So there it is. Jodie and Matt and Liz... TAG! YOU'RE IT!


6HappyHearts said...

You're so cool! I love your quirky, cute self!!! I see pink flamingos in your future ; 0 I have a pink flamingo lamp that I received from my dad for my 30th bday. I would be happy to re-gift it to ya!!!
xoxo-posh j

Jodie said...
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Jodie said...

1. You've got the beat, You've got the beat, You've got the beat Yah. You got it!
2.I agree with posh j Pink flamingos in your yard might be the least of your worries.
3. You like the pizza pimple? LOL
4. Hey did I ever get paid for that gig?
5. Hey look at it this way, it's better to have messy drawers than MESSY DRAWERS
Love you!

mommyof3andlovin'it said...

Jodie! You're such a nut! That's why I love ya!
No payment for the gig. But I think your son, which I commissioned (or something like that), was born that day! ;-) said...