Saturday, April 26, 2008

And the House on the Rock Stood Firm

Remember this song from when we were kids, singing and doing the hand motions in Sunday School?

"The wise man built his house upon the rock...the wise man built his house upon the rock...the wise man built his house upon the rock..."

Today would be my Mom and Dad's 34th wedding anniversary. I'm sure it's no surprise, I've spent a lot of time thinking about them and their marriage this week. To state the obvious, I'm eternally grateful that they kept their commitment to each other, and to us as their children, that they would build a life together. God and their faith in Him was the solid foundation on which they built their love and marriage... the rock on which they built their house. I'm glad they weren't afraid to hug and kiss in front of us. I'm glad they weren't afraid to fight in front of us. I'm glad they weren't the kind of parents who merely told us how to live, but neglected to teach us how to live. They were not perfect. I can just hear my mom saying "Your Dad makes me so mad!!" But one of the things I admire most is that they didn't just send us to Sunday School and expect us to learn it all there. But they created for us an environment in which we learned and we knew, we KNEW, the difference between a house built upon the rock, and a house that was built on the sand.

"And the rains came tumbling down...the rains came down and the floods came up..."

For many years I have realized that part of the strength and wisdom that I have has come from some of the trials and tribulations my parents have been through. Losing a successful business, Christmas's in which there wasn't enough money to buy gifts, having to sell off "stuff" just to make the land payments, taking care of Grandparents in the nursing home, sadness during family relationship hardships. There were many years of good times too. Financial wealth, successful business ventures, freedom to enjoy traveling and pleasures of the world. My parents' marriage survived and thrived through it all. Had it been a house built on sand, it probably would have washed away.
Now the worst storm of all. Last November, with the death of my Mom. They made it. Not "Until Death" did they part. I suppose the marriage has ended, but the house is still standing. Every Sunday in Church I sit next to my Dad. I am proud, amazed, and sad, all at the same time. How easy would it be to blame God for not healing her. Or to be angry that it had to happen this early in life. Maybe Dad doesn't really feel like being there. I don't know. But once again, we KNOW what is right, and we do it. People have asked us how we are making it through this trial with a sense of peace and composure about us. It's because of the peace that comes from God. It really is. It's not easy, but it's "all right." We know the end of the story, and we know that it won't be long. Alan and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago with his Dad, and his Dad brought up the question that he has been asking himself lately, "Is God enough?" When bad things happen. If the worst happened to him, would God "be enough?" For those of us who have that solid foundation, even when you don't feel like it, even when life feels shaky, at the core, it's not going anywhere. For my family...and because of my family...for my Dad...and because of my Dad...God is that rock that the house is built on, and the house is still standing.

"...and the house on the rock stood firm."

For the first time, I think, I celebrated my parents' anniversary. Thanks Mom and Dad.

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Margo said...

What an awesome legacy your parents passed on to you and that you and Alan can pass on your family! I seriously pray for strength for you and your family everytime I remember your mom's passing...praise God that He is enough.