Thursday, April 24, 2008

His "other" BMW

Check out my Dad's new toy. My brother James called me a month or so ago and said "Did you know Dad bought another "B-mer?" "What?" I said, "Why?" James then said "This one only has 2 wheels."
It's actually pretty cool. It's a huge bike. He use to talk about how someday he and Mom were going to get a motorcycle with a side-car attached to it, and that they were going to cruise around, he on the bike and Mom sittin' in the side-car. Everyone would laugh as they talked about it, and I'm sure most people could just picture them crusin' around, her sittin' there, barely able to see over the top, with a cute little helmet on. I would laugh too, and think to myself "oh geez... my parents...!!!"
Well, now I almost think he needs that side car to hold that big bike up! And of course Alan thinks this gives him the green light to finally get the motorcycle he's always wanted. And he's probably right. I guess at least they'll each have a riding buddy.
Like I said, I actually think it's pretty cool.

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