Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Girly-Girl gone Wild!

Today I was painting while Bryson and Selah were playing and riding bikes in the front yard. Selah came in and said "Mommy look!!! This looks like a real frog!" I did one of the infamous nods and "uh huh!"s that Mommy's do. Then I looked over at her. She was holding a green bucket and a flat frog! It was a frog that had been run over by a car, dried out, and was now in the hands of my daughter. I kind-of over reacted, something like "Selah! That is gross! Go wash your hands with soap and water. That is a real frog! It got ran over! Get it out of the house!"
Then I did something terrible. I ran out the door with the camera, and asked her to pick it up one more time for a picture so I could post it on my blog.
About 30 minutes later Bryson comes walking in the house with the same dang frog! I hope it's gone for good now.

ps. did you notice Bryson in the tree?

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Anonymous said...

Selah's face in the first pic is priceless. And thanks for the ps...i didn't notice him in the tree. But i laughed out loud when i saw him.