Monday, April 28, 2008

Lunch in Heaven

Today we were driving down the road eating Burger King to go. Selah was talking about how she thinks it would be cool if people could "fly, run up walls, transform into things..." Charis piped in on the conversation and said "how 'bout if we tie balloons to our wristesess (wrists) and fly up up up, and we can take napkins and our food and eat in heaven!" (yes, those exact words from my creative little 2 year old). Selah then said, "and we could have lunch with Grandma Vicki!"

This story reminds me of a couple months ago, we were shopping at Sam's and the kids saw a big box of cashew nuts. They remembered that cashews were Grandma Vicki's favorite, and that she would pick them out of the bowl of mixed nuts. As we passed by in the isle at Sam's, Bryson said "How about if we take cashews with us when we go to heaven, so we can share them with Grandma Vicki!"

For now they still have vivid memories of her. I hope they can hang on to some of them.

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