Tuesday, April 8, 2008

they make me laugh

I love it when the kids say the cutest things...

Today, we were passing by Home Depot. Charis pointed to the building and said "Remember??? What is that place called, Mommy?" I said "Home Depot" Then she laughed and said "It's kind-of like an orange Lowes!"

Yesterday the kids found a frog. Bryson named it "Toad the frog"

And the night before, Bryson told us that he finally figured out what Buzz Light Year says in the movie. Since he was 2 or so, Bryson would quote Buzz and say "to infinity, hep beyonnnn" He told Alan and I that he now knows what Buzz really says... (and I quote) "to infinity, fifty-one!!" and the he toots! (Bryson told us that Buzz toots after he says that)

Funny stuff.

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Jodie said...

what about funny things mommy says???

"Charis did you just wipe a booger on the wall?"