Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Aruba....ooooh, I wanna Take Ya!

I can't believe it! We finally booked our 10 year anniversary trip!!! Above is a picture of it. We will be staying at a resort in Aruba! I can't wait. Alan and I are really looking forward to relaxing on the beach! Two things we really want to do while we're there... have a romantic dinner right on the beach to celebrate our anniversary, and the other thing...take an all day jeep expedition around Aruba. So, 4 weeks and counting to look good in that bikini! As the song says "...we'll get there fast, and then we'll take it slow! That's where we want to go-ohoh"


Jodie said...

You go pretty mama!

fntms2004 said...

Ha! That's funny!!

Liz said...

You have to go eat at Simply Fish at the Marriott's Beach Club. The tables are on the beach and you can hear the waves come in...so awesome! Take your shoes off and walk along the shore while you wait for you food! Have an amaing time!!!