Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alan riding in the MS150

He did it! And he only trained for it two or three times. Alan and a group of people from Chart rode in the MS150 from Tulsa to OK City. It was a Saturday/Sunday ride. One of the guys Alan works with is married to a lady that suffers from MS, so they put a group of guys and gals together to ride to support them.

The first day they rode about 90 miles. Alan said it was a good ride. He stopped every 10 miles at the rest stations for a quick drink and break, and then would hit the road again. The second day was harder. It was more hilly and with the exhaustion from the day before, it was pretty tough, but he did it. He finished 3rd in for the Chart group. He said that for him the worst part was having to wait several hours until all the other Chart people made it back before they could load up and come home.

Alan rode in a 150 back when he was in College. He was proud to ride again, happy to support the cause, and had fun being a part of that group. It's cool that he accomplished a big ride once again in his lifetime, but says that it just might be the last time.

Ready to take off ~ Alan is front and center

Here he is calling me on the first day to tell me he made it.

Finished with the ride. Already changed and waiting for all the other Chart group to make it across the finish line.

PS. Notice off to the sides in the last 2 pics... the people that are laying on the ground ~ WIPED OUT!!! :-}

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