Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Charis' 4th Birthday!

Boo-hoo-hooooooo! My baby turns 4 today!!??!! OMGosh! The time is flying by! I seriously had a melt down last night. I held her on my lap until the other kids were fast asleep, and then I even let her sleep with me :)

((deep sigh))

But this 4th birthday really has been a happy happy fun-filled day! We started the day out with pancakes for breakfast ~ complete with 4 burning birthday candles for her to blow out.
We took Bryson and Selah to school, and then she and I had a blast together. We made her a homemade cake with homemade frosting (no... not the kind out of the can). Don't get me wrong... I like frosting out of the can! But this was the cake she wanted. And for some crazy reason, I only have 1 8in round cake pan. WHY in the WORLD I didn't get 2, I don't know. Maybe it was a wedding gift, and I didn't realize I should have asked for 2... or even 3! Come on!! The only time we use a round cake pan is when we are baking a 2-3 stacker! Right!!!???!!!
Anyhoo... we - she - had to wait patiently for both cakes to bake. Separately. Then cool. Then we had fun with the oooey gooey frosting. YUMMO! And she came to me with a bottle of pink/white/red heart sprinkles she found in the pantry that she wanted on top! Perfect!

We also were getting excited about her Princess Party on Sunday, so we started decorating and setting up in the dining room. That was fun too. She loves all of it... the decorating, the preparing, the excitement! She received some birthday wishes on the phone from family living far away, so that was fun for her too.

She wanted Chick-Fil-A for lunch, so we met Daddy.

At 3:00, after spending all day contemplating, she decided that she wanted me to make chili (and fritos) for her birthday dinner. And about that time, we got a call from Uncle Dedo saying he was in town, and wanted to come hang out with us for the evening. Soooo, I made a HUGE pot of Chili, and we had James, Daniel, Lydia, Dad, Janice, and Janice's sister over for a little family dinner, cake and birthday celebration. The chili and the cake were delish! And so was the company. Charis' new huge puppy named "Tom" was the hit of the party. She was scared of it at first. Papa had it hidden around the corner, and she had to pull on a rope until it came around the corner. She wouldn't even look at it after the first glance. But after about 5 minutes warmed up completely to it. She even wanted me to hold her and "Tommy" while we snuggled before bed, and she slept with him too.

Happy Birthday Honey Baby! Love you sooooo much! Here are a few of my favorite things about you...

~ your spunk!
~ your little face
~ your laughter and sense of humor
~ your gorgeous blue eyes
~ your creative and artsy self
~ your independence
~ how strong you are... strong in spirit!
~ that you like to sleep with me at night
~ how aware you are of everything going on around you
~ that you are 200% girly!
~ your self-confidence
~ your love for fashion and sense of style!
~ your leadership
~ did I mention how strong you are ;)
~ you are sweet and understanding beyond your years already

Thank you, Lord, for this baby!

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