Monday, September 28, 2009

Entrepreneurial... I Think It Runs In The Blood

Charis has developed a love for flowers this past spring and summer. Everywhere we go, if she sees flowers, she wants to pick them. Even just a teeny-tiny one. It could be outside a restaurant, a weed flower from the grass in the yard, or a bright yellow rose from the flower beds! We have tiny little vases that she will frequently fill with flowers, and set them in her room and around the house.

A few weeks ago when we were in Colorado, she brought a pretty creation to me. It was a pine cone she found in the wild, and she had poked little wild flowers inside the little holes all around the cone. It was actually quite cute!

Well, today we were driving down the road, and we had a conversation that went like this:

C~ "Mommy! If you're dwiving and you see those leaves that are weally smelly good, can you stop and pick me one!?!?"

Me~ "Which leaves are you talking about?"

C~ "You know, the ones I found when we wuh going to Colowado. Not IN Colowado, but on our way tha-uh."

Me~ "Okay. You sure do love flowers don't you? Should we plant you a garden that can be just for you to grow your own flowers! Then you can cut them and create pretty bouquets!"

C~ "Yeah, but where would we do it? We don't have a spot."

Me~ "We can make one!"

C~ "Yes! Is this for when I gwow up?"

Me~ "No, we can do it for next spring! When you are still 4."

C~ "Okay. But when I gwow up I want to wuk on making flowuhs for people. I can gwow them, and people can pick them. They can bwing me flowuhs, and I will make them all pwetty."

Me~ "That's a great idea! I can help you if you want!"

C~ "Yeah, you can pick flowuhs and bwing them to me."

Me~ "Okay! I would love that!"

C~ "And I'm gonna gwow some that are all white. And then I'm going to pick them, and paint on them to make them weally pretty, and then I'll spwinkle them with glitt-uh. I will go to Wal-mart and buy vases and glitt-uh, and aft-uh I paint the white flowers I'll spwinkle them with glitt-uh."

Me~ (stunned) "Wow Charis! That is an amazing idea. I would love to see that!"

Wouldn't that be neat? A huge garden for people to come and pick and freshly cut their own flowers. Then have them arranged on the spot. Wow. And the idea of trying to paint on white flower petals? Can it be done? Wow again.

So.... the gift goes on. Creative. Artsy. Entrepreneurial.


CLM said...

What a neat idea! She is so cute. Great pictures.

Carri said...

SO cute! I'm so glad I know about your blog now!

Steph T. said...

Hey...I would love for you to come check it out with me sometime. They have an amazing program for little kids too. They study what you are studying and I have heard great things from the moms there. Let me know if you ever want to go...