Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Days... School Days...

Thanks to Charis' "singing songs" video, I get that old-fashioned song stuck in my head this time of year.
But here we are! School started. I'm definitely in the minority. Most of the moms I know can't wait for school to start! They are counting down the days... but not me. I love summer! I love having my kids with me all day. I hate (yes, hate) the idea of them spending 7 hours a day at school. Then only a few hours at home in the evenings, not to mention having to share that time with sports, dance, church, homework, etc.

No, this is not a commercial for homeschooling... but it is how I feel about it. And it's my blog... I can gripe if I want to... gripe if I want to... gripe if I want to... (there's another song for ya).

ANYHOO... school has begun. We made the first day fun and exciting! The girls wore their cute outfits we made the day before, and Bryson and the girls had their new backpacks, lunch totes, and water bottles. Their teachers were fabulous, and all is well.

Selah was the least excited. She begs and pleads to be schooled at home, but the closer it got, the more excited I helped her to be. Her BFF is in her class. I prayed for God to place her in the right class, with the right teacher, and with the right kids, we can already see how He has answered our prayers. Her teacher was a homeschoolin' Momma herself. Her teacher is a very soft-spoken and a sweet, spiritual woman. Selah is really enjoying what she is learning, and every day she is having fun with her friends. Everything is going great. She's such an awesome kid!

Bryson has a fun teacher that we go to church with. She has known Bryson since he was in the nursery, and still talks about how impressed she and her son were with Bryce when he was 1 year old and talking and doing all the things he could do. She had him read a book to her last year when Selah was in kindy, so she knows how bright he is, and she is very excited to challenge him and watch him grow. She's very fun and animated, and I know Bryson will have a blast with her this year.

Charis can't make up her mind as to whether she likes school or not. She likes it when she sees brother and sister going, but when I go to drop her off, she walks in the room and then right back out. The first 4 times I had to peel her off of me and pass her to her teacher... leaving Charis crying for me. That was TOUGH! But we've made it through that. She is getting ready to turn 4, but she is the 3rd kid in these short weeks to turn 4, so she is with "older 3's and 4's" which is good for her. She is having fun doing art work and she will end up loving school, I'm sure. When I ask her about things, she is still very mixed in her opinion of school, the kids, etc. I started to get a little concerned that maybe she was unhappy during the day, so I e-mailed her teacher about her and asked if things were going okay... this was her response... which made me proud, and made me laugh, because it's... so... Charis! And I quote:
"Charis is doing really well. She is my top student in this group. I never have to ask her twice to do something. She is "Johnny on the spot". She does want to be line leader ALL the time, so I have been talking to her about how we have to share that important duty with everyone. We have just been taking turns right now as some children are still learning the basics of lining up" You have absolutely nothing to worry about with Miss Charis!"

So, for now, we're off to another great year at our Christian School!

ps. here are pics from the day before...the girls and I making their "school rocks" shirts. The pics from the 1st day of school with all 3 kids is on the other camera and I can't find the cord. ahhhhhh! Hopefully I'll find it soon and upload pics of all 3 kids on the morning of the 1st day.

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Steph said...

thank you so much for your encouraging words. i am glad to find your blog. it is so neat and you are so creative. your love for your family and God is so evident. blessings to you!!