Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charis is "Kickin' It" too!

This little girl has been waiting for her turn to play soccer! She was ON FIRE! It was quite cute, actually. After several years of watching big sis and bro, she pretty much new what to expect. And after many hours spent playing in the yard with them, she knew what she was doing. She pretty much took the ball and ran with it every time. Some of the other 4 years olds have probably barely even touched a soccer ball, so you can imagine the difference. And unfortunately, the coach put ALL the kids out there together, so Charis and one other girl pretty much had the ball the whole time. But she loved it! She was so proud of herself! And we ~ her biggest fans ~ were cheering her on!

I have to put in this last picture at the bottom of this blog. It was a lesson learned for Daddy and Mommy. We began to feel bad for the kids who didn't even have a chance to get the soccer ball since Charis would take it (sometimes from her own teammates) and go score. So we began talk to her from the side lines about "passing the ball" and "letting the other kids have a turn." She got really upset and came off the field, crying and mad, saying she wasn't gonna pay soccer anymore. Of course, she is over that part now, but that's how the game ended. Her upset and mad that we were "on her" ~in a sense~ for how good she was doing.

After much thought, and after talking to some other friends (who coach, and who are into sports and competition), we decided we won't do that again. Not only did we ask her to hold back on what she might be capable of, but it confused her and made her mad. If she is "on fire" and if she is capable of getting the ball and taking it and scoring ~ why would be hold her back? Why would we ask her to "tone down" on her skill and ability? Isn't that part of why I teach my kids at home? Because they can take they got, and run with it ~ literally and figuratively. We talk to her about good sportsmanship, and about working as a team. But no longer will we ask her to "let the other kids have an equal chance." We'll hope part of that will come with playing as a team. And eventually, good coaching will work that out too. So... lesson learned for us. And what a great time of watching her play her first little game of soccer! Can't wait for this Saturday. And we'll let her do it "her way" this time.

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