Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BFF Birthday Blunder (not)

Okay... only a BFF can pull this off. And still gain points! Ya know? I mean... she walks in with a big cute birthday bag, and I'm thinking "Awww! I love Jodie-gifts! They're always so special and "made with love!" So I reach in, and pull out a CHEESE GRATER! Whuuuhh? Then we both started laughing hysterically! I've had the same broken cheese grater for at least a couple years now, and every time she comes to my house, we end up making something with a little (or a lotta) cheese, and she always teases me about my broken cheese grater. A couple weeks ago her and the kids came down for spring break, and we made quesadillas, and she said "I am SOOOO getting you a new cheese grater for your birthday!!!" So. I get to throw the old one away. Finally.

We had a fun night out together. We had dinner, did a little shopping, spent time browsing magazines at the bookstore, and then came back and relaxed on the couch. She stayed until 1:30am, then we talked on the phone during her drive back to Joplin (so she could stay awake). I painted a platter while she was driving home ~ so I could stay awake too. It's now 9:25am the next day, and I bet she's still sleeping! Lucky. Hee! Hee! I'm totally fine! We've done this... oh... at least a hundred times or more. I'm glad she gets to sleep in! And I love my cheese grater! And that she made a trip to Oklahoma last night and treated me to dinner for my 35th!

It was a FUN evening!


kenziekylanmom said...

That's a true BFF and don't you just love that she totally knows what you need and that you will love that she got you something practical! LOL! Glad you posted about it, I love BFF stories!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say that the day didn't go according to my plan, But it was good to spend the day with you. I can't believe that we this awesome friendship! I love it that we can buy each other "cheese graters". Can't wait for the next time we get to see each other.
Happy Birthday Bestie! Love ya