Monday, March 8, 2010

Old School, New School & the Aberle Version

Earlier this week we learned about the "early" schools in America. When the immigrants first settled in the New England colonies, the kids learned and were "schooled" much differently than most kids today. They had what they called "kitchen schools." The kids would sit around their kitchen tables, and Mom would teach them the alphabet and how to read and write. Often times 2 or 3 families would have "kitchen school" together, and the Moms would take turns teaching. The Bible was the "text book" from which they would read and write. The sole purpose of reading, several hundred years ago, was so that everyone would be able to read the Bible. The rest of the education was 'life' stuff. Sewing. Gardening. Cooking. Mechanics. Building. Making dyes. Weaving. Preserving. Live stock. Farming.
The Boston colony soon made a law that once a town had 100 families, they would be required to build a one-room school. One teacher would teach all the town kids in that one classroom. All the families would chip in and pay that teacher a salary.

I LOVE it! "Kitchen school"! What a hoot! I often say I was born in the "wrong era". I like the idea of teaching some academics, but equally, teaching them "real life" stuff. If only I had a few close neighbors I could take turns teaching with! Now that would make it even more fun!

We also talked a lot about how the townspeople elect officials, make decisions for the population, etc. Which then prompted this fun little idea for Selah to make some "rules" for our own version of "kitchen school." It will soon be framed and on the wall of our school room.

She wrote this on a 12x12, so I had to scan in 2 parts. Enjoy!

1. science at 9:00
2. math at 0:00 = no-o'clock
3. recess at 4:15
4. field trips every week
5. devo's to start the school
6. go to co-op on Friday
7. snacks ~ pistachios and fruit
8. get to argue ~ NOT!
9. love Mommy
10. be nice!

And MY rule. hug your teacher 10 times a day!!!


Jesse said...

Love it!!

Keri said...

I love that she included "love Mommy". So sweet!

kenziekylanmom said...

What a sweet girl you have, I love the "love mommy" part and the snacks are too cute. #8 get to argue-NOT! I have to remind my kids of the NOT part...LOL!