Monday, March 22, 2010

Dancer of the Month!

Selah is honored as the "Dancer of the Month" for her Dance Company. She has been dancing at Center Stage Dance Studio for 2 1/2 years now. We have really enjoyed Ms. Kari and her dance company. Selah and Charis both do a great job dancing, and they enjoy the time with friends, and the time spent learning new moves and routines. Our FAVORITE time of year is almost here ~ RECITAL! Yay!

I am so proud of Selah for receiving this honor as Dancer of the Month, for March 2010. She is so sweet, such a hard worker, and a good student. Here is a picture of the board on the wall of the lobby area. I have also posted a copy of her "report card." I like the emphasis on her level of enthusiam ~ ha! I can see that Ms. Kari circled the 5 several times.

Selah had decided she wanted to take both ballet and tap this year again. But lately she is realizing the she really enjoys tap the most. That must shine through in class, since Ms. Kari mentioned that she is a "great tapper!"

We are counting down the weeks until the recital! As the Momma, I cannot wait (!!squeal!!)

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