Monday, March 22, 2010

Lil' Seedlings

I know we're a few weeks late, but hey. Story of my life, seems like.

My lil' seedlings have been learning about seeds, trees, plants, and flowers. The parts of each, how they grow, how they are nourished, root systems, and different types of produce. We've talked about juicy fruits, dried fruits, seeds that we eat vs. seeds that we don't. We've watched videos on U-Tube of seeds that have sprouted.

And tonight Alan and the kids started our veggie garden and Charis' flower garden ~ from seeds. We let them do the most of the planting, so we'll see how many sprouts we get ~ ha! I'm sure we'll get at least a few tomatoes to transplant, from the 3 or 4 ROWS of tomato seeds they planted!

As they were finishing up the planting, I heard Charis say "but I don't see them growing yet!?!?!?" Yes. We still have a lot to learn. :-P

Should be fun!

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Jesse said...

We planted some snap dragons that have come up quite nicely, now if I can get them transplanted into a bigger container without killing them.