Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All in good timing??? NO. All in HER timing.

As if the flu isn't enough, we now have a little girl that refuses to wear diapers. Charis decided on Sunday that she is "a big girl" and she wants to wear panties, not diapers. She has done amazingly well. I said "Charis! Do we have to do this now? Mommy's sick!?!?!?" She said "Yes." She even wore panties to preschool today, and came home with the same pair on... no accidents. She has had one accident each day (this is day 3) so far, but not major ones. No poop yet though. That's going to be interesting. (long sigh) Other than the nay-nay thing, she doesn't really have any "baby" left in her. She lost it faster than the other 2. Well, not as soon as Bryson, now that I think about it. She has always been so independent and just one step behind the others.
Her comprehension and verbal skills are so good that she seems like she's about the same age as the other two. She didn't start talking in full sentences until she was 21 months old, which is quite a bit later than Bryson did, so I thought she would stay "baby" longer (since we totally got ripped off with Bryson... he was so sharp...he talked, etc. when he was a still a baby). But once Charis hit that 21 month age, she took off. She amazes us with the things she understands. She actually uses the proper tenses for things when she talks. For example, the other night we were talking about Alan and I going out for Valentines Day, and she said "not us?"
They're all pretty amazing. But then, every parent thinks their kids are the smartest, the cutest, the funniest, etc. etc. etc. I suppose I'm just doing my job ;)

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