Thursday, February 28, 2008

Handmade by Heather

My cousin Heather has her own on-line store. She hand makes baby blankets, burp cloths, and baby slings. Her website is She made Bryson and Charis the sweetest little blankets when they were born, with their names monogrammed on them and everything.
But my favorite thing that she makes is the BURP CLOTHS. They are the best! Definitely one of my favorite baby items. She uses fleece, cotton, flannel, and even the popcorn fleece (love it!) and once again, monograms the baby's name on the little burp cloths. She has a fabric selection on her website you can choose from, or you can find your own fabrics and she can make everything for you. One thing I like so much is the way she puts the gift baskets together when you order.
She is very creative, very innovative, and just a really cool (home-schoolin') Momma. I love it when Moms ~in addition to everything else we do~ find a way to use the artistic talents and abilities we've been given, and then turn it into something other people can find and enjoy.
If anything, just check out her website, it's really neat.

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