Friday, February 29, 2008

New Rule...

Okay, so for the sake of my sanity, I have invoked a new rule at our house. Selah and Bryson have pretty much grown out of nap-time, but I still need it! I don't need a nap (well, maybe I could use one??), but I need their 'nap-time' to happen. SOOOO, here's the new deal. When Charis goes down for a nap, if the other 2 kids don't want to take one (duh), they have to play quietly or read or whatever~ in their room! I told them it's still like nap-time for Mommy. I still get the quiet house. And no kids can talk to me, because they know it's still like nap-time (although that little rule never actually sticks... they still come out occasionally for this or that) . And they have to do it until Charis wakes up. AND I MUST ADD... not only is this good for me, but it has been really good for them. They are forced to play with toys in their room that usually sit forgotten. I hear them talking aloud and using their imagination. It's great.

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