Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Happy You Are Loved Day!! It has been a good day. It started at 1:00am, actually. I had a special plan for Alan, but since we went to bed at the same time last night, I couldn't get it set up (it was of course a surprise). But, I KNEW at least one of the kids would be up in the middle of the night (in the last 2 1/2 years I've only slept through the night maybe 5 times). Selah woke me up at 1:00am and asked if I would come sleep in her bed with her. (she has been sick. when the kids are sick they sleep with me or I sleep with them). So I got out of bed, and told her to lay on the couch for a few minutes and then we would go back to bed. I grabbed a pile of V-day cards, and taped one to the shower door, one to the cereal boxes, one to the milk jug in the fridge, one to his keys, put one in his brief case, and laid one on his seat in his car. Then Selah and I went back to bed.
He liked the surprise(s). He gave me my card, which was a gift certificate for back-ordered Brighton jewelry that I've been wanting. Too bad it wasn't here for me to wear today, it has little silver heart charms on it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! But that's okay. It's all good!
I gave the kids stuffed animals. Lynette brought over candy and fun stuff for them. Alan asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted to do, and I told him I wanted to go see a chick-flick and get popcorn, coke, and candy. We saw Definately, Maybe. (why can't I ever spell the word definitely right the first time I type it??) Anyway, we had a good time. It was a good movie, but a little depressing. The romantic part was cute, but it was kind of a bummer at the end because it brought to reality the sad effects that divorce has on kids.
I've been thinking a lot about Dad today. First Valentines Day without Mom. I cried this morning when I was taking my bath. Charis of course reminded me that "Grandma Vicki is in heaven" She said "Come here Mommy.." and she leaned over the side of the bath and gave me kisses and hugs.
Selah is on a date with Dad right now. He asked her a week or so if she would go on a date with him on V-day. She has been looking forward to it. However, It's almost 10:00pm... past her curfew I think. Her love language is Quality Time (in a very strong way) so I'm sure they are having a fun time together. She really comes alive in that one-on-one setting. I hope it made his night a little easier.
Maybe I'll call and make sure everything is okay... (oh gosh, I just had a little fast-forward moment of the kind of Mom I'll be in about 10 years or so)

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Anonymous said...

I really miss your mom, too. It's like your words are my own. Hardest thing ever. You're gonna do great, surviving're just like her.