Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bryson's 1st T-ball game

Today was Bryson's first t-ball game. He was really excited! I snapped a few pics of him on the bench, at bat, and his 1st position to play... pitcher. It's t-ball... and he was the pitcher!!! ha. (get it? they don't pitch the ball... they hit it off the t). Actually, he had the most action that first inning as pitcher because the kids usually hit the ball in his area. When up to bat, he had a couple really great hits! He batted twice, scored once, and played 3rd base. Apparently there wasn't much action for the 3rd baseman. He later told me that t-ball takes too long (it's a 1 hour game time). He did have fun, but after playing the first inning as pitcher, I think he felt jipped standing at 3rd base and not getting any balls.
However, the snacks after the game made it all better again!

He has a game every Saturday morning through the end of May.


6HappyHearts said...

first Happy Birthday!!!
second I cried, what an awesome story & testament to your mom & dad. no wonder you & your siblings are so awesome! what great parents you have & what a great birthday blessing!!!

christy said...

Make me cry! What an awesome story about the ring! I'm glad you enjoyed your special day ;-)