Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter was pretty mellow for us this time around. The kids woke up to their easter baskets sitting outside their bedroom doors. They each got a webkinz, a book, and a bag of candy. Of course the girls had their pretty dresses and Bryson a cute little polo with khaki pants. I bought Bryson a pink polo shirt because he told me he would wear it "one time!" I've been trying to get him to wear one for over a year. Since he said he would, I went and bought one for him to wear on easter (matching the girls' dresses). The night before I was tucking him in bed and he told me that he changed his mind... that he was NOT going to wear the pink shirt. Also, I went to put Charis' dress on her and it turns out the sleeve won't fit over her cast!?!?!? I've had that dress for weeks, and didn't even think about that! Luckily, I still had the easter dress Selah wore when she was 2 years old, and it is sleeveless. So Charis wore that one. The kids didn't all match, which is usually what I go for, but oh well.
The church service was great! My brother said their church service in Chicago went really good too. We ate at Mazzio's for lunch, just like every Sunday. Really, other than easter baskets, easter dresses, and the really full service at church, it seemed like a normal day.
The evening before Easter we met at my aunt and uncle's house for a family easter get-together. This was with my mom's side of the family. It was really great to see everyone. It was pretty tough being there without my mom. My Dad later told me that it was one of the toughest things he's done since she's been gone (going to a get-together on her side of family, without her). I know he had some really good "talking time" with Linda, and everyone was so happy to see him.
The kids had an easter egg hunt. They loved the fact that some of the eggs had quarters and dollar bills! More candy!!! No wonder my kids think they need their sugar rush... by about...oh... 8:30am. ahhhahhhahhhahhh!!

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