Monday, March 17, 2008

Great Aunt Lynette

My Aunt Lynette has been a God-send (confession... I'm not exactly sure if I'm using "God-send" correctly here... but is sounds right?!?!?!). She has been there for me, my kids, and my Dad with dealing with the loss of my Mom. She has eaten lunch out with me and the kids (which can be a crazy experience) several times. One day we just drove around and gawked at million-dollar homes. Mostly just to talk and enjoy the sunny day. She has brought me little pick-me-up gift baskets. She and I have spent time talking on the phone. And perhaps the BIGGEST and definitely the BRAVEST thing yet, driving all the way to Atlanta, Georgia with me and the kids. She was such a big help. Most of all, I loved the time talking with her in the car. Er, uh, actually most of all I like the new snacky food she turned me on to... Laughing Cow soft swiss cheese (light). You eat it with crackers. YUMMMMM! I now crave it. Having her with us made the ride really enjoyable. I am thankful to her daughters, my cousins Heather and Jennifer, that they are sharing her with me. You know, my Mom can never be replaced, and no one is looking for that or trying to do that, but she has been there for me in the way my Mom would be if she were here. It is very hard not having my Mom here. But I am sure that it would be even harder if I didn't have Lynette here to be there for me in those "mom" kind of ways.

I have spent time explaining to the kids that she is their great aunt Lynette because she is my Aunt, and because they are my kids, she becomes their "great" aunt. But I must say, to me she has always been, and maybe even more in these later days, my Great Aunt Lynette.

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