Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rustic and Restful

Well, it's been a restful 2 weeks. It started with a week spent in Alabama with my Sister-in-law and nephews. The kids played and goofed off with their "big boy" cousins. Theresa and I had a nice relaxing time too. We saw a movie, decorated her kitchen counters (so, we shopped), watched movies, talked a lot, and worked on my Christmas stockings. It was great. The kids did pretty good on the drive too. I'm really looking forward to going again. One really great thing... I took a nap!! I haven't done that in I-don't-know-when. Oh, and I must say, when I got home the house was spotless. Alan had cleaned everything. He evened vacuumed and washed all the sheets. He had a candle burning and flowers on the kitchen table. The best part was the big smile on his face when we came home. When I walked over to the table to look at the flowers, there was a little box wrapped in newspaper (typical). Diamonds? Nah, but it was a really cool pink ipod!! With songs already downloaded on it. He's the best! I love him!

THEN... Alan took half a day off last Monday and Tuesday to kind-of give me a little break. Wednesday he and I left for a little "Get-Away" just by ourselves. Alan's parents watched the kids, which was great for us and them! They had a great time (the kids, anyway)-ha. I'm sure Grandma Lou Lou and Grandpa Gene enjoyed it too. It's hard work taking care of my 3 little ones, but it sounds like everyone had fun. The kids did lots of fun crafts, and they even had a sleep-over with their cousin Kalea. My girls both love to spend time with her, and I'm sure it's something they'll think back to and have good memories of. HUGE thanks to Gene and Lou Anne for that!

We stayed in a rustic little cabin right in the heart of Branson. It's hard to believe these cabins are 1/4 mile away from Tanger Outlet Mall. They're nestled in a patch of trees. The particular cabin was called the "honeymoon cabin." Not sure how we ended up with that one, but I'm not complaining. It was great. I think I would have named it the Rose Cottage. It was beautiful with rose-decor everywhere. Although, the headless Bride was a bit freaky~~ notice it in the picture, above the jacuzzi tub. Speaking of jacuzzi tub, I love the tub being right in the middle of the cabin. Alan and decided that if we ever have a house built, we'll build a master suite, with the tub open to the bedroom, with a little sitting area and a fireplace. It was very rustic and restful. Alan read a James Patterson novel, and I made it 3/4 of the way through The Confessions of a Shopaholic. I also read a couple magazines. It was so nice. One night we popped popcorn and watched a movie. We shopped a little and ate outdoors at The Landing one evening. He and I had several really long talks on the couch, which doesn't seem to happen too often anymore. It was so nice. (long sigh) I look forward to the next time.

ps. we had several offers to help us out with the kids... from Matt, Dad, Theresa, and Lynette. Thanks to everyone for realizing that Alan and I... okay... maybe more "I"... needed this. Love you all.

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Liz said...

You deserve it! With all the energy that goes into taking, teaching and cleaning those kiddos you must recoup or you'd go crazy. They say, "If mom isn't doing good then nobody is". I totally agree with. I am about to go on my kiddless trip in 10 days and I am so excited to get away! It makes you a better mom when you can take a breath and enjoy some "me" time. I will finish my Confessions of a Shopaholic...isn't it SO funny! I love the slideshow, the cabin looks so cozy! My sister-in-law loved my platter and wants to do one next time she's in town.