Saturday, March 1, 2008

Broken Arm

Well, we have had a family first today. A broken bone. Charis. The kids and I were jumping on the trampoline today (first really nice day this season and we were livin' it up). I thought Charis was against the edge. Just as I was bouncing Selah and Jenna pretty high, I looked and saw Charis right behind me. Her feet bounced out from under her and she fell back on her left wrist and arm. She cried a different cry. No tears. Kind-of a dry, fussing sort of cry. This went on for a couple hours. Not too much crying, just wanting to be held, and she was really favoring it, saying that her elbow hurt. Bryson was even being goofy and trying to make her laugh. She would laugh at him (as he was falling on the floor, running into the walls, etc.), then her laugh would start to sound like a cry. She was so tough. At first Alan and I thought she might have just jarred it, and we thought we would wait until tomorrow to see how she was doing. There was no swelling. But I just knew something worse was going on. I told Alan we really needed to take her to the ER.
By the time we got there, the Motrin we gave her was making her feel pretty good. The nurse even had her reach up in the air to grab at stickers, and he said "her range of motion is fine!" I said "no, she was arching her back and lifting her shoulder off Alan's chest to grab the sticker... not just raising the arm straight up." I told him that I thought the Motrin was masking some of her pain. He said we could still do an x-ray. Later he came in and said "Well, kids are so resilient... it's broke."
I must admit, I was surprised it was broke (Alan was even more surprised). I thought maybe something was pulled out of socket or something. She is one tough little girl. She was fussy and she was favoring it. But I guess I'm surprised she didn't really cry and carry on more since it was broken. Poor baby.
The next couple days will be hard, I think. She doesn't like the temporary sling wrapped around her. And you know 2 year olds... when they don't want it, they DON'T WANT IT. We try to reason with her~ yeah right~ she's in pain, got her arm strapped to her, and she's 2!
Aww...Man... I feel awful. I should have picked her up to jump with her like we used to do. Monday or Tuesday the permanent cast will hopefully be on.
Selah was very sweet and nurturing. At home she was bringing Charis her stuffed animals and her blanket. And when it came time to go to the ER, Selah wanted to go with us to make sure Charis was going to be okay. Bryson went to the neighbors house for a movie and popcorn. Thanks to Mark and Amy for helping us out with that.
One little funny thing Charis said... when we were still on the trampoline and I was sitting there holding her and moving her arm a little bit, talking to her about how she felt. I said "is your arm hurting really bad?" and she replied "Yes... I need a vitamin C drop!" ~ ha.

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