Saturday, October 24, 2009

"And I will l-i-v-e e-t-e-r-n-a-l-l-y!"

Selah made one of the most important decisions for her life today. She was baptized by her Daddy and her Unkie James. In Papa's pond. And there was much rejoicing!!! (yeah!)

This summer at camp she spent an evening talking to James about baptism. I sat back and watched them sitting... in the dark... on the tennis courts. I was praying for her. I love that girl! She is such a neat kid.... I know we all think that about our kids.... but really. She is special!
Alan and I have also been able to spend time talking with her and explaining what it means to decide and choose to be a Christian. To live her life for the Lord. That night at camp she told James that she was going to keep thinking about it and would let us know when she was ready. She is only 7 years old (which, to be honest, I have always thought was too young of an age to grasp that kind of commitment). But she really does "get it". She is a pretty serious kid, very analytical and thorough in her decision making. She is wise for her age, and is such a good-hearted little girl! [Almost] always striving to do what is right. She understands it, and she thinks quite a lot about God and Christianity.

On Thursday evening she said "Mommy... I want to get baptized tomorrow."
We talked about it a little more, and she said she "wanted to get baptized in Papa's pond because it would be unique." Friday would have been much too cold, so we waited until Saturday. Grandparents were there, and Aunt Lydia too. The water was cold, but she only smiled the whole time. Never complained... even after the fact. She was very happy! And of course so was I!
My Dad had a heater running in the bathroom in the house, and the bath water was already ready and warm too. As I was helping her take her bath she said to me "I'm so glad I did it here! It's special, plus I would have been embarrassed in front of all those people at church."
She also asked me if I thought Grandma Vicki was watching and was happy. I told her that I'm quite sure Grandma was dancing and singing with the angels in heaven!

It was very special! I'm so proud of her!


Steph T. said...

Ok...wiping away my tears right now! That was so sweet! She is a great girl. God is going to use her to change lives. What a special day for your family to be @ your dad's house! Thanks for sharing!

Jesse said...

That is so wonderful! Go Selah! Very special!