Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bryson Pulled His 1st Tooth!

I swear!!! Just wiggled his teeth not more than a month ago, and none of his teeth were even loose! But tonight, with the help of a sour dough roll from Panera Bread Co. (yeah... that explains it... I know) (it probably wasn't even loose at all), he lost his first tooth.

He took a bite out of that crusty roll... you know... that kind of boyish-preditorial sort of bite... like a dinosaur or a tiger would tear away at something tough they were trying to devour...
Yeah, it was that kind of bite. And it almost popped his tooth totally out. He chewed, swallowed, looked at me, and said "Mommy, I think my tooth is loose!?!?"

Bryson wiggled it. Alan and I both wiggled it too. That little tooth was hanging by a thread. We told him that when we got home, he could pull it. Needless to say... he was hurrying us along in our own devouring of soups and crusty sour dough rolls. He was very excited to pull his first tooth!

And he did! On his own! It took him a few minutes, but he got it out. He asked me if the tooth fairy could leave him $5 instead of only $1. I told him "No!" and then tucked him in bed! Hee Hee... nice try buddy! Maybe that's what you were after all along! And I thought it was about the tooth.

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