Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ree ~ P.W.

I am soooo not admitting to the fact that I am a Pioneer Woman groupie. It would hurt my pride too much. But if I were to admit it.... nah.... I'll just say this instead: I love the Pioneer Woman. I mean, I love her blog! I love her blog. She is so funny, an amazing cook, photographer, momma, and she even home schools her 4 kids. Lives on a huge ranch in Oklahoma, not too far from Tulsa. In a lot of ways she is so similar to what I remember of my own Momma and our life growing up.

This Pioneer Woman is another lady in my little list that makes me proud to be an Okie Momma!

Check it out at She not only has thousands and thousands of blog followers and fans, she just released a cookbook. And her first stop on the book-signing tour was Tulsa! Eeek! Guess what girl had to get a group of friends together for a Girls Night Out on Tuesday!?!?! Meeee! Oh my goodness... it was so much fun. And we barely got a cookbook for her to sign. We got there an hour early, but so did a bunch of other gals. By the time my friends and I purchased our cookbooks, there were only about 30 left.

She is lovely. Humble. Down to earth. Beautiful. Real. And a great cook! Tonight I used her homemade pizza crust recipe for our family pizza/Survivor night. Tomorrow I'm making her Penne A La Betsy (pasta, shrimp, tomato sauce, heavy cream, butter). Okay... so I love the book. Love that I got to meet her and hear her speak. Love that I was able to get her signature in my cookbook.
But might not love the fact that I'll need to start back on an exercise regimen if I'm gonna use her beautiful new cookbook to feed my family.

The only "personal question" that she didn't answer from the audience is how much butter she goes through in a week. Ha!

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