Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kid Cam

Every once in a while, when I download pics from my camera, I get a few surprise pics. The kids will notice the camera sitting on the desk... and you know how kid fingers are! They see... they touchy-touchy! And I'm cool with that... they need to have the opportunity to create and be artistic ~ with a camera.

Well... maybe not so much "art"... since I do limit the distance of the camera cord. But hey... at least they are learning.

Yes, he was taking these pics of himself with the camera upside down... thought that was pretty cool!

Charis taking a picture of Selah... can you tell what she's doing? Playing poker with the family, but leaving her cards face down so noone can see them. She's looking up at her cards from the bottom side of the table. Inventive, eh?

Can you guess? The work of Charis. It's the front load washer spinning a load of clothes. Hmmmmmm. Okay... whatever...

Yeah... I don't know... but it's fun. Must've been Bryce at it again...

Charis in on the action... in her own way. Bryce and Selah shootin' hoops.

Heeey... who snapped this one???? Bryce... lil' booger.

And the infamous self portrait. Nothing amazing or creative ~ except those 2 PEOPLE smiling there!!!

And one more of these because I think it's so hilarious! So beware!!! Be on the lookout!!! You never know when some little someone might snap your picture when you least expecting it.

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