Sunday, October 11, 2009

Only The First Time...

Charis. Love. A boy. Kiss. White Dress. Flowers. Marriage. Bliss.

She's so interested in this thing called "Luv"

Not in a crazy grown-up weird way. In a healthy way, actually. She adores the bride in the white dress. She pays attention to people holding hands and kissing. She wants to know about getting married, and staying married. It has been a great opportunity to teach her, guide her, and answer some questions for her. We don't tease her about it, and we don't make a big deal about it. It's cute. She's soakin' it all in.

She was so excited to be a flower girl in Tyler and Tara's wedding. I've known Tyler since he was 4. His family is very special to me. Selah was his sister's flower girl, and Charis got to be his flower girl. She was so excited to wear that pretty white gown, and walk down that isle! And she did great.

Tara looked beautiful! Like a Barbie doll. I pray the best for her and Tyler as they start this crazy fun thing called 'life' together.

The ring bearer was adorable. And he was quite smitten with Charis. Oh my goodness, it was the cutest thing to watch. And she knew it... and liked it... but played the roll of a girl... she didn't let him in on it.

They played and goofed off together and had a great time. At the reception, Cyrus came over to our table, walked up to Charis, and said "I am only gonna come over here and ask you this one time, but do you wanna dance with me?" (okay... it was seriously, the CUTEST thing I have ever witnessed! He was like a little man!! I would have danced with him! He was nervous, but confident, and very serious!)
She told him "no." and continued to play with her bag of candy corn. He walked away. I looked at Alan with droopy eyes... he just gave a smirky nod, as if to say "that's right! go away, boy!"
Poor little guy. I felt so bad for him. His parents told us that he kept asking to come over, so they finally let him come ask her to dance. They were laughing and apologizing at the same time. It was so sweet and innocent, but so cute! And Charis was such "the girl!" Playin' hard-to-get. Okay. I know... they're 4 years old! It was innocent and sweet.

I can just close my eyes and see that girl in 20 years... this was only the first time she'll be dressed in a white gown... under the twinkly lights... 'cept she'll say "yes" to that boy when he asks her to dance.

Someone please pass me the remote control. I need to press pause. It's going by way too fast.

ps. I would like to add that my husband... her Daddy... eventually "felt" for the boy too. While people were dancing, Cyrus came over to Charis again... (I was standing by his Dad at the time, and his Dad whispered "don't break his heart again!") (and we laughed... watched... and waited)... he asked Charis to dance one more time... and lo-and-behold!!! HER DADDY held all their hands for a group dance. If he ever denies it ~which he already is~ I have proof. ;-)

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Steph T. said...

That is so precious!! They are growing up way to fast! Way to go Charis! Play hard to get girl!!