Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Cheezy-est!!

One of the memories I will cherish forever are the times I spent with my Grandparents. Both my Dad's parents and my Mom's. As a child, I would get to spend the night with them every once-in-a-while, and it was always so much fun! I remember a few of my favorite things about spending the night with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Louise:
~ sitting next to her in her sewing room watching her whip something up for me or my favorite doll, Kristen. In no time she would grab some scrap pieces of fabric and make my doll a lacy dress, complete with a matching bonnet. Maybe a pair of pajamas and a blankie. One night we made fabric photo album covers. Another time mop dolls. Throw pillows for my bed, sheets and blankets for my baby doll cribs. If I dreamed it, she could make it.
~ I remember the first time I ever watched a Miss America pageant... it was with my Grandma and girl cousins.
~ spending time playing in her beautiful backyard, especially the overgrown secret spot in the back corner.
~ sitting and talking about Cabbage Patch Kids or my sticker collection, or whatever it was I was collecting or interested in at the time. She always loved to listen and seemed just as excited about it all as I was.
~ sleeping in her dreamy guest bedroom, with the overhead light dimmed all the way down. I thought that light dimmer was the coolest thing! And her guest bed was the most comfy ~and beautiful~ bed you could imagine! Grandpa would always come in to tuck me in... his button up shirt unbuttoned, white t-shirt showing, no glasses on. I don't know why that has always stuck with me. He would tighten the sheets and get the covers just so.
~but BEST of all ~ BEST of ALL!! Was Grandma's grilled cheese sandwiches. It doesn't matter who, how, what, when, where, etc. etc. etc. NO ONE can make a grilled cheese taste as good as my Grandma can Every time I have ever grilled a cheese sandwich for my kids, I always tell them about my Grandma's grilled cheeses and how they are the BEST ever!

So... now that my kids are old enough that they will remember it... I invited us over to Grandma's house for lunch. Grilled cheese lunch. It was a precious time spent together. Grandpa and I helped Grandma make her famous sandwiches. The kids now know, first hand, what I'm bragging about. They loved... I loved...

It was a yummo lunch. Complete with Grandpa pulling out a book full of copies of family wills written back in the late 1500's, and Grandma pulling out a few photo albums. Ahhh, life is good when you have your Grandma and Grandpa around

And here is a picture of the sewing room in which we spent many hours together

And one of the mop dolls we made. Still hangs on the wall.

And THIS is the amazing guest bed I was talking about~ see what I mean! Isn't it dreamy!?!? Absolutely beautiful. And everything seen here was handmade by Grandma, of course.

And here they are... saying "so long" in they way they always have. Watching and waving from the porch until we are out of sight.

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