Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Day Of Learning & Play

Here are a couple pics of how we learn and play at our house. We live... we play... we explore... we build... we read... we cook... we eat... and we are happy! Actually... we are happier than ever.

Today the kids did lots of building, playing, reading, and cooking. Selah asked if she could help make dinner today. Plus a dessert. She chose chicken tacos, and homemade salsa. I had been wanting to make the Pioneer Woman's Creamy Lemon Crumb Squares, so I showed her the recipe and pics on the PW's blog, and we spent a couple hours in the kitchen whipping it all up.
Last week she planned and helped me cook several of the meals. She's quite the little "foodie" so she really does get into the cooking part too. The past couple days she has been telling me she wants cookbooks for Christmas. And several times I will see her looking through the cookbooks she got from her Aunt Lydia or that I have bought for her.
So we made dinner ~ and it was "de-lish" as we like to say.

Something we learned a few weeks ago... did you know the tastebuds that detect "sour" are on the sides of your tongue? So we tested it out again just for fun ~ ewwwie!

Also... did you know that when you zest a fruit, you are suppose to hold the fruit in one hand, and with the zester in the other hand, rub the zester up and down over the fruit? Not the other way around. I've always held the zester still, and ran the lemon back and forth over it, but instead, the PW says you are suppose to hold the lemon still, and run the zester over it. I'm not sure if it worked better doing it her way ~ I couldn't really tell.

We don't do "school" in the conventional way. Kids are naturally curious. My kids are smart and they love to learn, and when they are interested, they soak it up and remember it! While we were at the store today, I picked up some "solar" lighting for the back patio landscaping, and it brought on a conversation on solar power. What does "solar" mean? How does the heat and rays from the sun actually give power? When they asked me these questions today, I didn't know the answers to all their questions. So I asked them if they wanted to learn about the sun and solar power and light, and they excitedly said "YES!!" So... we're about to learn all about it. I'll start gathering the facts, and we'll be on our way to learning something new. Hey, wait a minute, my kids are going to be as smart as me soon...

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Toni said...

Love this. I did a series of "Unschooling Day" posts a while back. It's so much fun to reflect on all the learning that happens in a "normal" day.