Saturday, April 3, 2010

PBS Young Writers Contest

Selah has been learning about writing stories. Often times when I say "what do you wanna do or learn about today? She'll say "let's do some English stuff! She has been learning all about the parts of a sentence, nouns, verbs, the different kinds of sentences, and now about writing a story. Perfect timing for the PBS Young Writers Contest.

She wrote this story this week, which is a true account of her life with her brother and sister. She spent 4 days, about 5 hours a day or more, working on the story. And 90% of that time was spent on the illustrations. Needless to say, we also learned all about "rough drafts" ~ ha. I helped her with a few fragment sentences and we worked on a few spelling issues, but overall these are her words, and it is her story.

She was driven by the fact that she was going to be able to enter her story in a contest, and by the fact that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes are really good prizes! Most of the time during the week I would remind her to work on her story, but she would quickly and happily get to work on it. Often times I would find her sitting at the kitchen table working away.

She did a great job. I scanned a copy of her story, but the color is much more vibrant in real life. Our scanner doesn't do it justice, but I wanted to post it on my blog. I'm really proud of her! She worked hard on it. She is hoping that she wins that laptop computer, but she understands that in the end, she wrote and illustrated a really neat story about her being a big sister, and that that alone is really cool.


kenziekylanmom said...

Both of these are such treasures from your children. I'm so happy you shared them with your blog readers!

Anonymous said...

Great job Selah! It looks even better than I imagined! I love the 3-D effect that you gave it with all the extra.

Ton said...

Both of these stories are great but my favorite part by far is the illustration of the surprised little sister. Too cute!