Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Weekend of Tri's

This weekend was a BLAST!!! As every weekend seems to be when the kids are busy and active with sports. Last night I had my Mom's Retreat, so I only got a few hours of sleep (tri).
All the kids played soccer games at 9:30am(tri)
Bryson scored 3 goals (tri)
Selah had a tournament and played 3 games (tri)
Alan ran his first Triathlon (tri)
And.... we ate out 3 times in a row (gotta get another tri in here...).
Yeah. Okay. Whatever.

Saturday was filled with soccer. I love this picture I snapped of Alan and Selah going over some soccer plays while eating lunch.

Alan ran his first sprint-triathlon early Sunday morning. Selah had a game early in the morning too, so the kids and I went to her game, then over to see him cross the finish-line. Luckily, as we were driving up to the Rec Center, the kids thought they saw him running along the sidewalk. So we quick pulled into a car wash parking lot and watched him jog by. I snapped this picture of him.

Then we waited at the finish line, and cheered for him as he finished!! Yay! He did so good! His goal was 1hr-30min, and he really wanted to finish in 1hr-15min. His final time was 1hr-17min. I'm proud of him. 400 meters of swimming, 12 miles biking, and 2 miles of running to finish up.

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