Wednesday, November 5, 2008

10 Year Anniversary Trip

We just spent a few days with our best friends celebrating 10 years of friendship. We became friends with Travis and Jodie when we were first married. In fact, Jodie did my hair for our wedding. Alan and I got married at the Historic Phelps Mansion in Carthage Missouri, and Jodie came to the house to fix my hair on-site. At that point she was just my "really sweet hairdresser," and I didn't even invite her to stay for the wedding (who knew we could become fast friends in the months to come, and stay friends for life, even with the miles between us!). Alan and I got married in May, and she and Travis got married in July. Shortly after the weddings, I was sitting in her chair getting my hair done, and we started talking about our weddings. It was then that we realized how much we had in common, and that we were surely destined to be friends! We both even went to Cannon Beach, Oregon for our honeymoons! I mean, how many people go to Oregon for a honeymoon??? We used the same flowers, similar colors, and on and on it went.
I wasn't blessed with a sister, but God has blessed my life with her.
She and I talk every single day on the phone, and half the time it's until 1:00-2:00 in the morning. I paint, she surfs the net, and we chat away!
I really wish we lived in the same town, but we always attend our kids' birthday parties (that's at least 5 times a year), and we get together as often as we can. This trip was a celebration of our friendship. We went to San Antonio, and we had a blast. The entire trip was fun and relaxing and worth every minute!
"I thank my God every time I remember you."


6HappyHearts said...

So sweet! You are very blessed : )

Jodie said...

That was the best birthday present! Thank you for being my very, most important, unreplaceable, friend of all time!
Love you!

Anonymous said...