Wednesday, November 5, 2008

San Antonio, we come!

We left Wednesday after Alan got off work. I think Travis had already had a few to drink because he was hyped up and cracking us up the whole way! Does Sprite even have caffeine? Oh my gosh, the stories that guy can tell. The rest of could throw in a story or two, but he kept 'em comin' the whole way down. I haven't laughed that hard in 'I dunno know when."
We stayed in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast that overlooked the RiverWalk. Every evening we would walk along the river and find a fun place to eat along the water. We took the boat around the river and learned a bit about the history and architecture of San Antonio. We would go back to the B & B and spend the evenings in our own rooms, Alan and I usually watching a movie in bed (which I LOVE to do, but at home we don't have a TV in our room). The breakfasts were delicious, and we found fun places to eat and shop. Jodie and I spent an afternoon at a day spa, getting facials, massages, and a pedicure, while the guys went to a Brewery and toured the Alamo. It really was a great time.

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Margo said...

Wow!! What a fun trip! I've been really wanting to take Mike to San Antonio as he has never been there before! Next year is our 10th anniversary...Maybe we'll go there! Looks like an awesome B&B, also!