Sunday, November 16, 2008

Road Trip

Today I made a road trip to Kansas City. A sweet lady who is nuts about my plates has been wanting me to go to KC to host a plate party for her. (She has brought her daughter and granddaughter down to my house twice for plates in the past year). I decided I would make the trip and have a party for them. Jodie offered to go along with me for the ride.
It ended up being a fun road trip and a great party! The hostesses were so friendly and their home was warm and inviting. She did a wonderful job entertaining her guests. There were lots of orders and Jodie even helped me with all the paperwork while I was getting the prints and helping the Mom's with their decision making. One family did a 4-generation platter. There was a 4 year old, the mom, the grandma, and the great grandma. One mom brought her 15 month old twins, who were into everything except getting their foot prints =). And of course, Stella (the hostess' 2 year old), who is a princess if I've ever seen one!
The best part was the time spent with Jodie. We chatted the whole way up and back, and ended the evening with a quick dinner and sweet tea from McAlister's Deli.
It was another fun and busy weekend. But I'm glad to be back home with my babe and my babies.

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Jodie said...

Good times good times
Seriously I had a blast! too bad you cant afford me full time. B/c I would so be there.