Sunday, November 16, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Last night Selah and I were laying in her bed as I was tucking her in (my "tucking them in" lasts about 20 minutes per kid). We were talking and she said "Mommy, you don't spend time with God." It kind-of caught me off guard, and I paused and then said "What do you mean?"
Selah: You don't spend time with God. You just paint plates.
Me: (silent chuckle) What makes you think I don't spend time with God?
Selah: Because I never see you.
Me: (after a short pause... like I've been "caught") Well... you are right, I do need to be spending more time with God. I do spend some time with Him... I pray. We pray together. You know how sometimes in the car I will say things out loud like "thank you Lord for protecting us as we drove through the rain!" or "thank you God for my wonderful sweet babies!" When I say things like that I'm spending time giving thanks to God.
Selah: My teacher told us about how when you love God you spend time reading the Bible and thinking about Him throughout the day."
Me: Yeah, she's right. Thank you for talking to me about this. I needed to be reminded that I need to start reading my Bible more often [and in front of the kids].

So, I've reached another phase in Mommyhood. I've gone from saying and doing as I want, to watching what I say and do in order to be a good example to the kids, to being reminded by my kids that I need to do what I say.

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