Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Okay...enough already!

Well, this time it wasn't the ER... it was the dentist's office. Bryson was zooming down the sidewalk on his scooter trying to catch Selah. He flew over the front of it and landed smack-flat on his face. One of his front top teeth was chipped pretty bad, and of course his face was all scratched up and his lip...owwww... it's huge.
Our neighbor, who is also their dentist, said there wasn't any bad damage to the teeth. He's just really banged up, and he'll be missing 1/2 a tooth 'till it falls out... and then... he'll be missing all of it!
Papa came by tonight and brought him a rootbeer float from Sonic. Daddy came home with the movie Speed Racer. He has actually been pretty lethargic until about 30 minutes ago. He kind-of perked up and drank his float and now he and Alan are finishing the movie.

I think I'm about done with accidents for this year. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

When I took this pic of Bryson, he looked at me and said "I can't smile." Sweet baby boy... I told him he didn't have to smile :(

** side note to other Mommys out there who care for cuts and scratches~ the dentist suggested buying vitamin A capsuls and breaking them open and putting the vitamin A on his scratches until it scabs over. Then Maderma scar cream (or something similar) after that. Any other ideas?


janice said...


janice said...

chicks dig scars!

Margo said...

oh my....OUCH! Poor little guy.

Jodie said...

Hey Bryson you look like a big tough football player!
Hope you feel better soon.

6HappyHearts said...

Poor baby!!! Vitamin E is great for healing skin & diminishing scars.
The more concentrated the better.
He's still a cutiepatootie ; )

MelissaC said...

Poor Bryson! It makes my face hurt just looking at it! I hope he's feels better soon and you guys can be accident free for a long while!