Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Blog About Blogging

I LOVE this whole blog-o-sphere! I'm just having warm fuzzy feelings about my blog, reading my friends' blogs and keeping up with their lives, etc. Plus, I love my new blog look! (and there are a few more gadgets I want to add... coming soon!).
Gotta go... towel on my wet head, kids jumping on the couch, plate party to pack up for, finish getting ready to meet friends for lunch, platter to ship to Ohio, e-mails to finish, kids to hug. Dad to call (to catch up on his 6-day expedition in the Colorado mountains), dinner to plan for rest of fam while I have a girls night out tonight! It's gonna be a good day. =)


Jodie said...

OH yeah it's twlight night. No fair.
Have fun, me

MelissaC said...

Love your new blog design!

6HappyHearts said...

Cutipatootie blog re-do! Love the update to your title - so sweet : )
Had fun shoppin' w/ya tonight.
Have fun painting tonight!!!